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Ronnie D.

Prophet Ronnie D. Lampkin III was born and raised in Tyler Texas. 


I am 28 years of age, born in the month of June 18th, 1994. 


Prophet Ronnie was born into the church and have been in active service with God in the church from a very tender age and in my early life, even before I eventually became a Prophet under a Senior Pastor; I have served in various capacity and offices in the church. I served in the church as a musician, also as an elder in the Church Of God In Christ.

I have been in Ministry for 7years since I was officially called by God, serving in various capacity in ministry; in the evangelism department, sanctuary department, in the media team, in the ushering department, pastoral assistant and in different offices and positions in the church.

As I began my Prophetic walk with God, as a follower and serving God under a leader; I have traveled far and wide; from city to city, preaching the gospel giving to me by Christ, which is my motto and my goal: “TO EDIFY THE BODY OF CHRIST GLOBALLY”, with an objective to bring healings, deliverances and salvation to the people by lifting up God’s raw and undiluted word; teaching it without mixing any intellectual or sense knowledge, adding and neither extracting from the word, just preaching it as it is. 


Teaching in various gospel platforms the systems and the need for the church of Christ to go back to it original state which she was called to in God through Christ; the Husband-man of the church. 


Bringing men and women to their original state and purpose of creation. 

Exposing the subtle patterns the devil has been using to make the church and God’s people to wander away from the original place of raw salvation and Christianity. 

Making the people to know Christianity is not a religion but a pattern of living which is to be in active physical, spiritual partnership and total resemblance with Jesus Christ in all things.


For these years; The Ronnie Lampkin's Ministries has witnessed diverse signs and wonders beyond the comprehensive abilities of any human including myself, instant miracles: where many who has been blind, some born blind, got to see again by God’s good hand upon me and the ministry, deaf ears come open, long aged excruciating pains disappeared from people, various miracles, signs and wonders which eyes hasn’t seen and ears haven’t heard have been seen in my ministry by God's hand. Certainly not my making, but God’s good hand.


I got saved in the 9th grade; consciously and intentionally received Jesus as my Lord and Savior, then I was filled with the Holy Ghost. I received water baptism and fire baptism, which is the baptism of the Holy Ghost. 

God called me into the Prophetic Teaching Ministry. By God’s grace and help; I am a prophetic rising voice to the nations globally in these end-time. 


God uses me and still using me daily to give prophecies with utmost accuracy and precision all the time everywhere I go and teach or preach.


Ronnie Lampkin Ministries isn’t one of those ministries with a motive to just gather multitude, no. It is a place of encounters, fire from heaven coming down at every meeting to revive the people from every luke-warmness and bringing revival to the land and to the people of God again, like in the days of Pentecost and in the days of old.

I am open to bookings and to travel to wherever God sends me to teach, heal and revive the people. 


There is a burden in me to see great revival stirred up in various cities where men and women will begin to burn for Jesus. I want to see the people of God becoming a threat to the kingdom of darkness and not the other way round.


Currently I reside in Dallas Texas. 

I am not title driven but revival driven. Not multitude driven but encounter driven for God’s church globally. People becoming Giants for God in these last days and end-time is my burning desire.


I am a servant of God, not a master of God. So I go wherever He sends me, I am available to go teach, preach and heal God's people anywhere in the world if invited and if God and my leader permit me to honor the invitation. I am available to serve God in any capacity, in any location and under any circumstance God deems fit for me.

You can use the contact lines and addresses made available to reach out to our ministry for prayer, counseling and bookings.

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